Kidzy Summer Camp from HARVEST for 2 Months.

Develop the Skills of your Kids for the English Language , Art & Etiquette

The Kid will make an easy Written & Oral Placement Test to set the Starting Level

The Diploma is 4 Levels for the Kids to train them on four skills of English (Reading, Listening, Speaking & Writing)

They will not learn English only but Harvest is prepared with Inclusive Program to develop the skills of the Kids and to make them learn new things such as Etiquette besides, Workshops for Behavior Modification and help them dealing with the different situations



What is the program??

It’s not only about the Academic Part but there will be a lot of Interactive Activities for the Kids 

  • Zumba, Yoga, Arts & Crafts.
  • Cooking as a part of the Nutrition Workshop.
  • First Aids & Behavior Modification Workshops.

In addition to the mentioned, we are providing specialized Trainers and Consultants with a Full Certified Curriculum, Locally & Internationally. 

Certificates are Certified from Harvest British College and Cambridge Training College , London.


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