Mission Statement:

Harvest British College is committed to offer high quality language training programs through a comprehensive learning and teaching strategies. Our mission is to produce a generation of English language graduates with exceptional knowledge, new understandings, Conversational Skills, Soft Skills, Phonetics, Business English, Translation Besides, we focus more upon the core essence of the language training necessary for successful employment, productivity, creativity and responsible citizenship.  Therefore, we aspire to reach the endurable recognition of our brand from our individual and corporate clients as Egypt’s centric training provider of English language.

Vision Statement:

We aspire to be one of the leading educational institutions worldwide recognized for its leadership and excellence in language teaching and to provide the students with life-time knowledge and skills to achieve their professional and personal goals and to better serve their community. Accordingly, through our excellence and quality-driven team; we train, develop, and empower organizations and individuals by the most prominent language and soft skills training programs where learning becomes modern, efficient, and fun with our professional, certified Instructors.

Values Statement:

          We do believe in Integrity, Collaboration, Empowerment, Agility and Respect, and to be honest these values are not new, they really just articulate what already happens within Harvest since the beginning.