#FAQ A few frequently asked questions

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  • NO Mobile phones, food or beverages are permitted during the training lecture at the class.
  • NO photocopy of Harvest materials including books and CDs is permitted in the class.
  • NO Arabic is allowed in the class since the Instructor should maintain an English Only Environment [EOE].
  • The student must do the placement test once he fills the reservation application or within 3 working days maximum.
  • The Student must complete all fees before the startup of the English Diploma, within a week as maximum, In case that the payments will be paid on Installments, the customer has to pay each Installment on the agreed dates and time from the Administration, In case of violation, the CS Admins have the right to forbid the Student from attendance till full payment.
  • The startup date of the English Diploma is determined at the moment of reservation or within 15 days maximum after the placement test and delivering all the due fees.
  • The Student should adhere to the ethical rules, conducts, and behaviors while interacting with the colleagues, the Instructor and the CS Admins. Otherwise, Harvest administration is entitled to dismiss this Student from the training program of the English Diploma.
  • The student is committed to attend all the training sessions with the Material of Harvest for each level.
  • The competent Instructor shall carry out the attendance sheet every session at the first thirty [30] minutes of the training lecture.
  • After the passage of 30 minutes, the Student shall not be allowed to join the training lecture. In this case of latency, the Instructor and the CS Admins have the right to forbid the Student from attending the lecture and therefore to be redeemed absent in this session.
  • In case the student didn’t attend twice at the same level, he will be dismissed from the English diploma, unless he asks for a Make-up session for 100 EGP.
  • In case the student is registered absent on the day specified for the level examination, the level shall be cancelled. Hence, the student shall pay an amount of 100 EGP to repeat the exam by a Make-up session request. In case of failure, the student should re-attend the level for 190 EGP for morning dates and 290 EGP for evening dates.
  • Harvest administration has the right to change the days/time of the lectures during the diploma in case the number of students in class is less than 10 students.
  • The Student has the right to proceed for a transfer request from a branch to another one based upon two conditions: completing the current level and providing a reasonable reason for obtaining Harvest’s approval. (This request is for free for the first time and for 50 EGP for the second time. Maximum 4 requests).
  • The student has the right to transfer from branch to another after passing the exam of the level and the approval of the administration and this is for 100 EGP.
  • The student has the right to freeze the diploma for 3 months at maximum and shall pay an amount of 100 EGP for each month.
  • Certificates are Optional As the student passes any level, he has the right to receive Harvest College Certificate for the amount of 450 EGP, or asking for Cambridge Certificate from London for 40$. He also may ask for Ain-Shams University Certificate for 550 EGP and it can be notarized by the Egyptian Ministry for foreign affairs with other fees.
  • The student shall not exchange or refund his money according to the stipulated rules and regulations of Harvest British College, Ltd corporate, and Cambridge College in London except for the agreed upon the extraordinary cases.