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arvest British College Ltd. Corporate [hereinafter referred to as ‘Harvest’] is a provider of English language training and its educational consulting services, with 13 locations in Cairo,Giza, Alex and Mansoura. For the past 9 years, we have helped over than 105,000 applicants including adults, youth, and children speaking English language in a highly fluent approach, and our academic consultants have assisted many institutions reach across cultural barriers successfully.

Harvest British College Ltd. emerged on the hands of a young, middle-aged businessman who had an Egyptian dreamlike of providing the best educational level to each and every Egyptian thirsty for English acquisition disregarding their mother-tongue, profession, origin or social status. In this regard, he had to go beyond normal boundaries in order to deliver English language, as it should be, with the lowest rates and driven quality within the Egyptian market. The dream then turned into a real certification license from Cambridge College in London, and a green lighthouse to go on and initiate the perfect language study mill.

ساعدت كلية هارفست البريطانية أكثر من ثمان مائة ألف متقدم في اتقان اللغة الانجليزية، من جميع الأعمار بما في ذلك الكبار و الشباب و الأطفال، من خلال تدريس منهج فعال و اكساب مهارات لغوية تساعد على تحدث الانجليزية بطلاقة.

و لم تكتفي بالأفراد، فامتد عملها إلى المؤسسات أيضا و شاركت في تأهيل و تدريب أفراد على اللغة الانجليزية في مؤسسسات بأكملها.

أسست كلية هارفست البريطانية علي يد رجل أعمال مصري، شاب كان يحلم بتقديم مستوى تعليمي متميز لكل مصري متجاهلا امكانياته، و يكسر حاجز الخوف من اللغة الانجليزية، وفي هذا الصدد كان يجب عليه ان يقدم اللغة الانجليزية كما ينبغي أن تكون من تميز بأعلى جودة و أقل الأسعار.

و تحول الحلم إلى حقيقة و استطاع أن يقدم اللغة في أسلوب سهل و بشهادات معتمدة من كلية كامبريدج في لندن، لتصبح هارفست منارة اللغة التي يهتدي بها كل ساع وراء العلم و النجاح.

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Harvest is training corporate registered at the General Authority for Investment and Free Zones as a Limited Liability Company. Harvest is further an academic, educational college certified and accredited by Cambridge Training College Britain. At our college, you can find the incomparable methodology of learning English language, as well as a large community of language-learners from all levels, initiating from the elementary till the advanced levels. Our courses and diplomas are
designed to be comprehensive and accessible, so that applicants wishing to gain immediate communication skills can quickly gain key grammatical concepts and conversational tools, while a more academic, accuracy-based approach is also met through a systematic approach to learning English.
In 2010, Harvest British College started as a Language Training Center that was teaching General English Language Course consisting of 16 General Levels divided into 2 Diplomas each Diploma 8 levels + the TB Diploma compiled by Cambridge University in London under the umbrella of Cambridge College certifications. Later on, Harvest conceived two new levels as per the Egyptian cultural market needs, which are the “scratch & starter/TB” levels for those who do not have any language background before applying to Harvest’s basic diploma.
Gladly enough, Harvest witnessed a massive expansion which is unveiled through its opening of more 8 branches all around Greater Cairo,Giza. Alex & Mansoura in the period of time within 2014 till 2018. The expansion process started by Harvest’s Nasr City branch, then the chain expanded to include – in a chronological order – El Sheikh Zayed, Maa’di, Fifth Settlement, Heliopolis,  Pyramids St. Alex, Shoubra and finally Mansoura branch other than the Headquarters located in Dokki.
Ultimately, we started to propose more offers to meet more of the customers’ needs and to celebrate different occasions with our beloved students. So far, Harvest British College is that proud institution with having more than 90,000 Cambridge College certified graduates.


Harvest American Department


قسم هارفست اللكنة الامريكية

Harvest American Department is an innovative department at Harvest British College, which provides training sessions on American Accent reduction by our native American Voice Coaches. In this concern, we provide the American Accent Training Course to enhance the American English pronunciation for non-native speakers of the English Language in Egypt.

At Harvest American Department, we will teach the applicants to produce the standard American Accent. Some people also call it “broadcaster English.” It is the kind of standard, neutral speech that you hear on CNN and in educated circles generally. It is a non-regional American version of English. This elaborates that our applicants will not relate their accent with a local region since we provide the accent most commonly associated with educated people in the American East, Midwest, and West. Those who are going to teach you are “Voice Coaches” not English Teachers.

تبادر كلية هارفست بتقديم دورات تدريبية للكنة الامريكية لغير ناطقين اللغة الانجليزية عن طريق مدريبن الصوتيات واللغويات. وفي هذا الشان، تقدم تلك الدورات لتحسين وتطوير الدارسين علي النطق الصحيح لللكنة الامريكية في مصر.

القسم الامريكي في كلية هارفست

في قسم اللكنة الامريكية سنقوم بالتدريس في حلقات علمية اللغة الرسمية او لغة الصحافة  والاعلام وهي اللغة التي سوف تسمعها علي الراديو او تراها علي التلفاز في القنوات الأخبارية وبذلك لن يربط الدارسين لهجتهم مع اي منطقه في امريكا لاننا سنقدم اللكنة الشائعة المرتبطة بالطبقة المثقفة والمتعلمة في الشرق والغرب الامريكي. لذلك من سيقوم بتدريس تللك اللكنة مدربين صوتيات ولغويات وليسو مجرد مدرسين لغة انجليزية.

WHO is the “Voice Coach”?


المدرب الصوتي

A “Voice Coach” (further referred to as Vocal Coach) is an accent trainer who tutors students how to improve their vocal technique, take care of and develop their voice, and prepare for the performance of their vocal speeches. S/he is specialized in certain tracks including but not limited to breathing techniques or diction and pronunciation. The Voice Coach is a brand new title only found at Harvest American Department.

The Voice Coach will then immediately start teaching you how to correct your fatal errors. The Voice Coach will make sure that you can produce the new sounds correctly. You are welcome to bring a voice recorder to class so that you can listen to the lesson at home. You will be given lots of homework exercises so that you can continue to practice these new sounds until they become a natural part of your speech.

تعتبروظيفة المدرب الصوتي وظيفة جديده ليست موجوده الا في  قسم هارفست الامريكي. فالمدرب الصوتي يقوم بتدريب الدارسين علي تحسين نطقهم وتطويرهم وتجهيزهم لتقدم خطاب او محادثه باللغه الانجليزيه. كما ان المدرب الصوتي يعتبر خبير في تقنيات عديده كالتحكم في التنفس.والنطق ,والتحدث. سيشرع المدرب الصوتي بالبدء في تصحيح اخطاء الدارسين الخطيره في النطق ليكون واثقا ان الدارس قادر علي النطق والتحدث بطريقه صحيحه. ولك كدارس كامل الحريه في جلب او اخذ ملفات او تسجيلات صوتيه من اجل ان تستمع بهم في داخل الفصل او في البيت. كما انك ستحصل علي الكثير من الواجبات والتدريبات علي اصوات جديدة لكي تصبح جزء لايتجزاء من اسلوبك وطريقتك في الحديث.

With Harvest American Department:

Learn a New Accent,

Get rid of your thick Accent,

Better understand people around you,

Sound More American..

With Harvest, you'll enjoy your English in a professional & unique environment.

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